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Circa: November 2015

This is Haley Davis with your top of the hour news for WGBK 88.5 FM, The Glenbrook South Station.

Glenview Plan Commission

The Glenview Plan Commission approved Red Seal development plan to build 137 residential units on a plat that takes up just about half of the Mission Hills Golf Course according to the Glenview Patch. The commission voted unanimously on October 27th to add an amendment that the village has no connection to the property and plans to annex it. With that being said, annexing the property would not affect the village services in any way. Red Seal still needs to get approval from the Glenview Village of Trustees before breaking any ground. This discussion will take place on November 17.

Evanston Shooting

Kaylyn Pryor, of Evanston was shot to death while visiting her grandparents in Chicago’s South Side on Monday. Pryor was recently involved in modeling for an anti-violence campaign. Pryor was a graduate of Evanston Township High School and studied at Robert Morris College and eventually became a paralegal.

Presidential Award

Westmoor Elementary teacher Sarah Wippman was nominated in the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science teaching. The honor is the highest level of recognition in the country that a kindergarten through 12th grade math or schience teacher can be awarded. [Soundbite] “It is really the kids who won the award, their ability to think outside the box and collaborate. They’re really the ones who deserve the credit,” Wippman told the Northbrook Patch.

Chicago Public Schools Performance

Four of Chicago Public Schools charter schools that have not been performing as well as the rest could be closing in the near future. This idea came about when CPS changed its policy on charter school’s accountability, last week that will allow the district to take action against poor performing schools in the district. According to CPS, the schools were on a list of Academic warning, so the students, teachers and faculty were aware that the schools closing could be a possibility.

Police Recognition

A Somerville police officer is receiving informal recognition for surprising one woman with a kind gesture this week. Robin Sutherland was rushing to visit her mother after learning that she was in need of immediate hospice care when she was pulled over for going 40 mph in a 30 zone. Officer Ashley Catatao noticed that Sutherland was visibly upset and asked what was wrong. After hearing Sutherland’s explanation, Catatao gave Sutherland a warning and sent her on her way. Catato later sent flowers and a card to Sutherland’s home, wishing her and her family the best. Catatao’s Chief Fallon praised his officer for the heartwarming gesture. [Soundbite] “We can never forget about the people we serve, even when they are technically breaking the law,” Fallon told reporters.

This has been Haley Davis with your top of the hour news for WGBK 88.5 FM.