About Me

Haley Elizabeth Davis
Some might say that living in 5 different states in the first fifteen years of your life could be detrimental to a young child’s social development. This is what actually helped me blossom into the social butterfly I consider myself to be today. After living in five different states and five different social environments, I learned to use my conversation skills to talk to people about things that I became passionate about over the years. What would be a better job for someone who likes to talk than a radio host? After having one of my high school teachers tell me that I had the mellow voice of a radio personality, I realized that Mr. Zappler might be right, and this could be something I should pursue as a career.

Although I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that I wanted to get into radio and TV, I decided to take Mr. Zappler’s advice, and use the fact that I liked to talk for good instead of getting myself in trouble for talking in class. On college decision day, I made my commitment to attend Drake University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication to study Radio & TV Production. In my time at Drake, some of the relevant course work I have done include, Communications in Society, Visual Communication, Television Field Photography, and Communications Law & Ethics. I quickly joined the campus radio station 94.1 KDRA-LP Des Moines as a weekly personality, DJ, and board operator. In my three years (so far) at Drake I decided I wanted to broaden my horizons and indulge my other interests with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Leadership.

During my time at Drake University, I became involved in a lot of different aspects of University leadership in order to gain some other professional skills outside of the classroom. In my first year, I was offered a position as a Resident Assistant in the Office of Residence Life. This position would be what caused me to grow as a leader, and it quickly taught me how to communicate professionally over many different mediums. At the end of my sophomore year, applied for a position as a Student Ambassador, a position through which I have been able to give tours to perspective students and share with them the reasons why I chose to attend Drake. These two jobs have given me a lot of experience in time management, working with teams, and organization.

I have also nursed an ever-growing interest in social change, and volunteering. After participating multiple times in #HashtagLunchbagChicago, I decided to continue giving back to the community during the school year in a different way. In the fall of my Junior year, I began to volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa at King Elementary School in Des Moines. While I am still trying to find my niche when it comes to giving back, #HashtagLunchbag and Girl Scouts have both been great experiences, and good places to start.

In the summer following my sophomore year, I received an internship with a public affairs radio company in Des Plaines, Illinois. In my time with MediaTracks Communications, I assisted in the production of a Radio Media Tour, aided in the launch of a company LinkedIn account reboot, and communicated via telephone with over eight hundred radio station affiliates across the United States. It was during this time that I gained professional experience needed to function to the best of my ability in the workforce.

My goal is that through this website, you can learn something about me, as a person, as a professional, and as a work in progress. As I grow and change, and my interests do the same, I hope to have this website reflect that. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”



Haley Elizabeth Davis